Backspace does not delete your selection in specific circumstances involving strings in the script editor

Pressing backspace to delete the following selection will not work:


In the picture above, the second quote up to the third quote is selected. Backspace does not remove those 6 selected characters. Any other combination of selected characters in the picture above can be deleted with backspace however. The issue is likely related to the start and end of the selection being in between two quotes. Using Del to remove the selection instead of backspace seems to work as usual though. Only the backspace button has trouble.

I have no indication of when this started happening. This bug might have been around for a while for all I know.

Reproduction steps:

  1. Open a new place file
  2. Insert a Script anywhere
  3. Open the Script and paste the following text in it: local text = "" .. ""
  4. Select the 6 characters as shown in the image at the top
  5. Press backspace and witness how nothing happens.

Thanks for the report! We’ve filed a ticket to our internal database and we’ll follow up when we have an update for you.

Please note that filling a bug report does not guarantee that it will be fixed once triaged.

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This issue should now be resolved! If this issue is still occurring, please create a new topic for us to look into.


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