Bacon Building (Project game I'm working on)

Bacon Building

Hello and this is my project I’m working on… Bacon Building.

Bacon Building is a project of mine that I’ve been working on since mid august.
As the only dev for this game its uhmm Hell to say the least.


About this project

The man himself

This game is heavily based on Pizza Tower. If you don’t know what pizza tower is, it’s a game created by pizzatowerguy and it’s inspired by the Wario Land series. You have to go through the level as normal in a lot of games, but once you reach the end you’ll need to kill/press something to activate an escape sequence
where you have to rush back to the start and leave the level.

  • Currently Nothing’s changed. :frowning:
Information about this game
Machs (or Speed Levels)

Machs check how fast your going by scaling the speed to levels.

Mach1 is when you’ll start speed walking.

Mach2 is when you’ll start sprinting.

Mach3 is when you reach max speed.

1 Con about Mach3
Just like in pizza tower if you run into a wall while running in mach3, you’ll be stunned for a short amount of time.

General Stuff

Entrance and exit

So just like pizza tower you enter and leave from a door, but instead in bacon building you enter and leave the level by a teleporter.

The Button (Escape sequence activator)
t  h  e   b   u   t  t   o  n
Once you press The Button, it’ll start the escape sequence, but don’t think the path you went through would be the same as before. New paths will set and you’ll need to escape through that new path, It might have more enemies, obstacles, puzzles, and more!


  • Modeler - Bacon (Me.)

  • Scripter - Bacon (Me once again.)

  • SoundTrack - Sugary Spire


Currently the game’s being made but once I publish the game or open out a public test, I’ll update the game’s state.



Can you show me some gameplay? It’s 1:53 AM in the night

You sure? there’s not much it’s just a baseplate right now. I mean I can add a sneak peak tab if you want.

And also do you need animators… etc? or your good?

Well if your asking for robuxs I can’t rly pay anyone rn, but if you want to work free until I get some revenue, then chat to me on discord so I can see how good you are as an animator.