Bad Agent Devlog


Hello everyone. I am posting this to show the current progress of my project: Bad Agent. This thread will be continuously updated as the game progresses. For a couple days now, I have been focusing on the character controller, side view, animations, bending, and shooting mechanics. These form the base structure of my game. With the help of others, mainly iGottic, I was able to figure out a way to replicate the “bullets” to all clients, enabling multiplayer gameplay.


Bad Agent is going to be a multiplayer 2D view shooter. You will join battles and compete against others that are around your skill level (based on trophies). The player can select from various accessories to customize their agent. They can upgrade their agent’s skills (speed, agility, stamina, power) to create the ultimate agent. Abilities can be unlocked as the player progresses, allowing them to perform stunts and tricks that just may save them. There will be two gameplay options, the Zombie Apocalype, and the Battle Zone. The Zombie Apocalypse is a gamemode where the player has to survive against waves of zombies. They can choose from different levels, unlocked by completing the previous level. As they progress in levels, the waves get harder. After completing a level, they will gain unique rewards such as accessories, abilities, and even credits.


Devlog #1:

This is the first devlog. For the past couple of days, I made a character controller, shooting mechanics, a animation handler, bending, a health bar, and a side camera view. Here is a video showing this project’s progress:

That is pretty much all for today’s devlog. For the next devlog, I plan to have completed the Agent Editor. Follow this topic to get more information on this project.