Bad allocation & Failed to save the DataModel

Recently one of the devs working on a game with me encountered a problem with saving on Roblox studio.

He first noticed it around the 28th of November. Due to this Error/Bug he can not: save the place to file, save the model to file, upload the place to Roblox, upload a folder with all the instances to Roblox, playing or running the place in studio.

If he does try to save the place to file or save the place or model to Roblox, he gets this pop-up.

When he tries running/playing the place or when he tries saving the model to file by right-clicking and pressing “Save to file”, I instead get this.

No more information is given along with the error.
For reference, a map he’s been working on a map containing: 27 004 Parts 16 472 Unions (Each is a union of anywhere between 2 and 16 parts) 3 156 Models, The models are what many of the unions and parts are parented to, the rest are in the folder that the models are parented to.

It may seem like a lot but he has made bigger maps with no error saving it,
If you know how to fix it or know anything about it please let us know.


I’ve been receiving this as well, but not only when saving my place. Ive gotten it trying to save places, and when “exception while signaling: bad allocation”, so this seems to be more than just linked to not being able to save places. I wish i could give steps on how to fix this issue, but I’ve only started to see it recently aswell.

I believe this bug has been the cause of my studio freezing when I’m testing features, so hopefully this gets fixed.

I wish i could make this up, but as i was typing up this reply I received a fail to save the datamodel error. This error doesn’t let us save to roblox, to file, or publish so you need to copy your entire datamodel over into a new studio instance to be able to save it.


I am having the same issue on a game of mine, not sure why or if there is a way to fix it.

13,421 parts
43, 954 instances


Maybe You Can Fix It By Disabling Autosave

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Have you found a fix for this issue I have someone having this same issue right now and I don’t know how to fix it for them.

Possibly try disabling autosave