Bad Business Weapons Modeler Needed! [PAID]

About Us

Hello! We are Ruddev Media, the developers for Bad Business. You may also know us from our previous games such as Ruddev’s Battle Royale, Cannoneers, or Be an Egg and Get Hunted. As Bad Business grows and we ramp up plans for even bigger and bigger updates, we’re looking to expand our team and begin hiring for weapon modeling! Our previous experience with hiring has gone pretty well so far in regards to map development, so we wanted to make the move towards bringing people on dedicated to modeling guns and attachments!

The Team
@ruddev_ethan - Project Manager / Lead Designer / 3D Modeler
@x_o - Programmer / Designer
@finwei - Map Developer
@kijineko - 3D Modeler / Map Developer

Check out the game here!

About The Job

We are looking for professional 3D modelers to make weapons and attachments for our game! These models are meant to be accurate to their real life counterparts but also fairly low poly. We are expecting the hiree to have some existing knowledge on the subject matter, but an extensive set of knowledge is less important than a history of weapon models that prove you know what you’re doing! :slight_smile:

These models are required to have good organization and be split up in a logical way to be used for the game. The full weapon models range from around 2000 tris up to 8000 tris. You will be supplied with previous examples of weapons in order to better understand the style we are going for and the way to organize the weapons. We expect these models to adhere to the game’s current style, which I will attach some photos of below. Many of these models will also require the modeling of different and unique barrel attachments, stock attachments, and magazine attachments. Consistent communication is necessary; we will schedule out expected timeframes ahead of time and have daily check-ins on the Bad Business Developer Discord.

Example of our weapons modeling style

We are currently estimating some weapon models will only take an hour to make, with others taking up to four. Similarly some attachments may take 20 minutes to model, whereas others could take up to a whole hour.


We are paying 5500 R$ (or $19.25 USD) an hour. We’d much prefer Robux payments but this is up for negotiation. You will keep track of your hours on a Google Spreadsheet that we provide, and payments will be made twice a month (halfway through and at the end of each month).

Contact Us

You must be 16 years or older in order to apply. You can message me on Discord at ruddev_ethan#3005 or reply to this post with any former work and contact information.

Thanks for reading!


Yo I sent a Discord friend request

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I have never modeled fireweapons tough I have a fairly good knowledge on blender. Here’s some of my work


Send a request on discord. I have a few years of modeling weapon/attachment, and a few questions regarding the position.

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Sending you a friend request on discord. Schnitzel#7604
link to my portfolio: FirstValor | 3D Modeler (UPDATED) - #15 by St_vnC

Sent a friend request on discord
NotUnfazed | Mid-High Poly 3D Modeler And Texture Artist link to my portfolio

Hello, I Sent a Discord request.

Hello! I have experience in the low-poly franchise and have made dozens of low poly assets for multiple big creators as mentioned below;


I am able to make multiple stylized versions of low-poly guns, low poly is described in a very manner way, so you have a blocky-type low poly, and a more detailed low poly. I am able to create any type of version of the one’s as seen in the pictures you have provided.

I have been 3D modelling in Blender for almost 2 years now and i have 3 months before i turn 16.

Discord: vexqt#1111

Sent a friend request on discord
Portfolio - link to my portfolio

Hey there, I am interested.
I haven’t made a huge amount of weapons in the past but am capable of making high quality assets for the game I am also willing to work hard and get the assets done

Hi! I am looking forward to apply for this job!

Here are some guns I created that may fit your style, and to show you my skills! :smiley:

Screenshot 2020-09-30 105153

Screenshot 2020-09-30 104211

I’ve been working with studio and blender for over 2 years, and have been working with several people in past.

My discord Username is BananaNugetz#1088

Looking forward to be working with you :grin:

Hello, I send a discord friend request, the name is Cromlechs. I hope you will like my works.

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