Bad Prior Experience with Developer

Hey, hopefully you can help me resolve a issue I am having.

I apologize if this is in the wrong section, but it was the best fitting I could find. (If it is let me know!)


I hired a builder to build me a cafe. They insisted to buy one they already had that belonged to a group but I said that I wanted them to build a new one. They build somewhat of a new one but put furniture from the one they had in. I bought it knowing it was used, but part of the deal was that they would rebuild or fix anything in the first month. Ive tried contacting this user many times but they won’t respond. Ive even had friends contact them but they just disappear.


This user has a portfolio, which is constantly updated. In the Public Portfolio Rules it states:

What should I do when I’ve had a bad development experience with someone?

Please do not start discussions in this category, do not post personal attacks, and do not post replies that are argumentative in nature.

If you have dispute with a developer, please resolve it in private or in a proper legal setting.

The issue is that I want to let other people know that this person doesn’t follow through with their deals.

What should I do?

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Hi! I’m sorry for your experiences with the user. If you would like, I could make a few custom assets for you to get back on your feet. My discord is Pork#6138. Feel free to add me. :slight_smile:

EDIT: Those assets will be on me.


You can post it on non-devforum media. It’s just not allowed on the developer forum itself.


If you feel that you’ve been scammed, you should try speaking to the @DevEngagementTeam

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Would end up with them telling you that they can’t help you with the situation. Roblox doesn’t have anything to do with the deal they made between each other and I think that they had stated that a few times already.


Don’t get me wrong, obviously you got scammed and this sounds like a fair deal was made and all but the idea of them simply fixing things in the first month doesn’t sound formal enough to have it safe, even if it was stated in a contract. Anyone’s excuse to that could be they happen to be too “busy” to check up on what you want for the duration of that month. That’s why it probably would’ve been best to have half the payment paid once you bought it, and the other after that month of following through with your requests.


Just some advice for you and everyone else. An excellent way to prevent a scam from the developer is to pay them after they’ve made the asset. In order to prevent the customer from scamming put the assets into a separate game until paid. Anyway, if the developer seems ‘scam-ish’ find somebody that people can/have trusted. They’re always developers looking for work if a developer does not fit your criteria, get rid of them.

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I take it like his status or profile bio would be against roblox code too? Since that would technically be an attack of some sort I’d presume? Please correct me if I’m wrong I don’t want to give out false info…

Whether it is or isn’t considered against the rule, my status and bio contain nothing about this. Nor would I ever put info related to this in there as it would be useless.

Pro-tip: publicising either side of a developer dispute (no matter where, allowed or not) makes you look pretty unattractive to deal with from the point of view of serious developers. Most people on twitter and your friends might think you’re super awesome for warning others about a bad party by calling them out by name, but you’re really hurting your own chances where the serious money and opportunities are at. (Top developers/games who are hiring, Roblox opportunities, …) It doesn’t look professional at all.

I would therefore never put something like this in a status or bio myself, since this is part of your public profile and other developers might be turned off from working with you if they see that listed there (because professional people avoid both sides of drama/disputes like the plague). Best to just handle these things privately and sometimes you just have to cut your losses and put someone on a mental blacklist / blacklist within a close group of friends / colleagues. You also have less chance of escalation if you handle it privately and professionally.


I can say that an employer will not hesitate to fire you if your actions bring yourself or your employer into direct or indirect, or minor or severe (basically any type of) disrepute.

Many people consider being employed by [blank] as an endorsement, so it will not look god for you if you engage in these types of behaviors.

As said, contact Developer Engagement, they’ll be able to help you better than putting it on your bio will.