Badge Challenge Leaderboard: Badge List

This is a list of badges that contribute to the Badge Challenge Leaderboard! This will be updated as the game is updated.

Game Link: (Beta) Badge Challenge Leaderboard - Roblox

Format is Game: Goal (Badge link)

Mega Fun Obby: Get to Stage 100! Stage 100 - Roblox

2 Player Gun Factory Tycoon Remastered: Beat the Tycoon! You won!! - Roblox

Work at a Pizza Place: Deliver 100 pizzas. Delivery - Roblox

Arsenal: Win a round of Arsenal! Golden Touch - Roblox

Natural Disaster Survival: Survive 100 Disasters! Survived 100 Disasters - Roblox

Sharkbite: Win as a shark! Sharkinator - Roblox

Epic Minigames: Reach Level 20! Expert - Roblox

Miner’s Haven: Rebirth 1 time! Reborn - Roblox

Eviction Notice: Win a round! Winner - Roblox

Troll Obby: Get to stage 100! Stage 100 - Roblox

Roblox Uno: Win 10 games of Uno! Pro - Roblox

Design It: Win a round of design it! Ultimate Designer! - Roblox

IQ Obby: Get to stage 100! Stage 100 - Roblox

Deathrun: Get to level 20. Grown-up (Level 3) - Roblox

Jump Over The Walls: Jump over the wall. Over The Wall - Roblox

Freeze Tag: Tag/Thaw 50 players! Ice Cream Man - Roblox

Super Bomb Survival: Win 3 rounds in a row! Streakin' - Roblox

Kick Off: Get 250 Goals! 250 Goals - Roblox

Blox Hunt: Win as a seeker! Seeker Victory! - Roblox

The Normal Elevator: Win the chicken floor! You won the Chicken eat off! - Roblox

Noob Invasion: Get 10k Exp! 10,000 Exp - Roblox

Super Blocky Ball: Win a race! Win a race - Roblox

Bunny Island: Find Joe in the map! You Found Joe! - Roblox

Escape Room: Escape the Prison Break map! Escapists - Roblox

Laundry Simulator: Get washed 100 times. 100 Washes - Roblox

Mining Simulator: Discover Unobtainium. Discover Unobtainium - Roblox

Musical Chairs: Win a round. First Win! - Roblox

Circle Merging Simulator: Get 10k merges. 10,000 Merges - Roblox

Acid Escape: Escape a round. First Win! - Roblox

Rage Runner: Win 10 rounds! 10 Wins - Roblox

Lab Experiment: Win a game. Lab Victory - Roblox

Infinite Autocorrect: Complete 100 tasks! Do Not Disturb! - Roblox

THIS IS NO SIMULATOR: Complete every achievement in the game. Achievement Hunter - Roblox

Windows Error Simulator: Get 5,000 errors. 5,000 Errors - Roblox

Don’t Press The Button: Escape the maze! Maze Professional! - Roblox

The Maze: Break into the building! Breaking and entering - Roblox

Doomspire Brickbattle: Hit the edge. The Edge - Roblox

COALESCE: Get to 5,000+ height! SPAAAAACE!! - Roblox

Hotel: Survive a night. Certified Sleeper - Roblox

Make a Cake Back for Seconds: Bake 13 cakes. Baker's Dozen - Roblox

Horrific Housing: Get a cake to spawn of your plate. Cake - Roblox

Island Royale: Win a round in Squads mode. Squad Victory! - Roblox

The CrusheR: Survive 5 rounds in a row! Uncrushable - Roblox

Sword Fight on the Heights IV: Find the hidden badge. John, Loved of Muses - Roblox

Speed Run 4: Beat the game one time. Winner! - Roblox

Friend Checker: Find the secret badge. Secret - Roblox

New User Machine: Visit the Ngame during a million user milestone! Mega-annum - Roblox

Jailbreak: Have the highest bounty in a server. Must be 500+ Smooth Criminal - Roblox

Red Plumber Adventure Obby: Win the main game. Red Plumber Obby Winners! - Roblox

Brick Battles: Come in 1st place in a round.

Temple Thieves: Escape in Medium mode.

The True Backrooms: Finish Stage 0 in under 3 minutes.

Monster Hunting Simulator: Deal 100,000 damage.

SCP Tycoon: Get 1 rebirth.

Tix Factory Tycoon Experimental: Collect a meteor tix on a meteor.

Cybernetic Tycoon 2: Get 1 reboot.

Money Tycoon: Get 1 Rebirth.

Multi-Run: Complete the obby!

Noob Defense: Survive to wave 10!

Classic Hangman: Win 10 games of Hangman.

Survive The End Of Roblox: Die in a fire.

Bee Swarm Simulator: Get a million total honey.

Super Easy Obby: Get to stage 100!

Field of Battle: Get level 15.

Build a Boat for Treasure: Ride to the end of the game!

Adopt Me: Complete the obby.

Clone Tycoon 2: Complete the lava quest.

Marble Mania: Complete all achievements.

Get Eaten: Earn 500 points.

maybe i’ll be tracer: Complete a full combo (easy)

Be Crushed by a Speeding Wall: Complete the impossiwall!

Home Tycoon: Unlock all the buttons.

Shoot Out: Get 100 kills.

You VS Cleetus: Kill Cleetus!

Banknotes 2: Get 100,000 cash.

Anime Tycoon: Complete the tycoon!

Hat Simulator: Get your 1st Rebirth!

The Math Obby: Finish the obby!

Nomrial Legends: Get level 10.

Friday Night Roleplayin 3D: Find the secret.

Henry Stickmin 3D RP: Find the helmet.

Combat Moment: Break a Shadow Orb or Crimson Heart.

Bus Simulator: Find the Red Cola.

Roblox’s Fastest Vehicle: Get 1 Trillion studs.

Street Simulator: Meet the train.

RoBowling: Get a strike!

Lookout Battle: Collect 100 Bones!

R15 Ragdoll: Find and click the red button.

CS Euphoria Ragdoll: Get to space.

Kaiju Paradise: Get the Golden Slime Pup!

Kit Battle: As a Minecrafter kill another Minecrafter.

Hard Obby: Beat the bonus level after Winners.

Pyramid Tycoon: Find the lost eye.

Mine Inc.: Find the first hidden badge.

Basic Monster Mania: Unlock Hard mode!

Squid Game X: 100 wins! 100 Wins - Roblox

Apples to Pairs: 100 wins! 100 Wins! - Roblox

Plates of Fate Remastered: 1st place! 1st - Roblox

My Kingdom: Fully complete the starting kingdom! Just Getting Started - Roblox

Gumball Factory Tycoon: Get your First Rebirth! First Rebirth! - Roblox

Obby but you’re a ball: Complete the game! You… what? - Roblox

Legacy Badge Leaderboard: Get 100,000 Legacy badges on roblox! You have 100000 badges! - Roblox

Tower Defense Simulator: Earn level 20! Lvl 20 - Roblox

Badges and Numbers!: Your first rebirth Your First Rebirth - Roblox

Project Lazarus ZOMBIES: You made it to round 40, starting at the beginning! Round 40 - Roblox

Global Badge Leaderboard: Get 120,000 Valuable badges on roblox! You have 120000 Valuable Badges! - Roblox

Badger Badge Challenge: Complete the first 3 badge challenges! Door 3 - Roblox

Survive The Wave: Survive 25 rounds. Survived 25 Rounds - Roblox

Survive The Disasters Classic: Survive 120 rounds total. Milestone (120 Total) - Roblox