Badge not earned while I should have

Hello developers and staffers,
I recently ran into a DevForum bug: I didn’t earn the “Nice Topic” badge while my topic has 21 likes, and to earn that badge it has to have at least 10 likes. I don’t know if this can help, but the topic was on #development-discussion.
These are bug screenshots I took:

Please let me know if you have ever ran into this bug too or if you can help.
Thanks in advance.


I haven’t had this bug exactly, but I’ve had it with other badges. You should get it eventually it might just take a while to register.

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Development Discussion is a private category, therefore you can’t earn any badges there. Any category with a lock beside its name is private. You shouldn’t mind that much about badges anyway :wink:


The reason this happens:

For some badges, there are checks running every 24 hours or so. They’ll check if you’ve met the criteria, and then the badge will or will not be awarded. This only works for some badges (progress-based badges I think, e.g. Respected).

If you view the list of people who have obtained it recently, sometimes if there are two or more people who got it within the last 24 hours, you’ll see that all of them were awarded the badge approximately at the same time.

So if you don’t get a badge right away, it doesn’t necessarily have to be a bug. The check might not have been run yet. As already said above, badges can’t be earned in #development-discussion, #lounge, and all subcategories of #forum-feedback.


To clarify exactly what’s happening for anyone curious, here’s a quick rundown. If you’ve taken a look at some people with badges like admired, you might have noticed that they do take private categories into account. The reason nice topic and nice reply do not is because the post is actually linked to by the badge. Signed out users seeing the badge and linked topic’s title but not being able to view the actual post would be confusing UX, and it could also show people who has access to private categories that they don’t/leak private titles.

On an unrelated note:

This isn’t helpful; features on the forum should work.


Oh, thank you, I didn’t know it! Thank you again for the reply!

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I agree with others. You should not care that much about badges. You’ll get them eventually :slight_smile:

You’re welcome, but I’m not sure if what I was explaining was your case. Badges like Nice topic, Good topic, Great topic are based on likes. You should get them almost immediately after your topic reaches the number of liked needed. These badges cannot be earned in private categories (the ones with the lock next to them). #development-discussion is a private category.

The checks I talked about apply to badges that are based on progress. That would be Appreciated, Respected, Admired, perhaps even Anniversary. Those aren’t tied to a specific topic or reply, but posts from private categories still contribute to the progress. They will be granted after some time, after you meet the criteria.

In your case, you didn’t get the Nice topic badge because it was in a private category. Unless the UX is reworked, you will not receive the badge, unfortunately.

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I don’t. It was just to ensure DevForum was working well! :slight_smile:

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