Badges from don't render properly on about me

When you use a badge from, the badge will not render properly on your profile even though in the preview from the editor it renders.

See how in the preview it works fine:

In the profile card it renders only the alt text:

On your profile it just renders broken images along with alt text:

The markdown in question responsible for the badges:

[![Website](;base64,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&logoColor=333333&style=for-the-badge)]( [![Talent Hub](]( [![Patreon](]( [![X](](

Confirmed that this is an issue unique to the DevForum. I’ve tested the badges on my own Discourse instance (3.2.0) and they work as intended there:

This is likely because of the site’s configuration with CDNs. I attempted to use above’s screenshot in my profile, and that works as expected:

Workaround (for the OP): Upload the badges to a post editor. Then copy the upload:// string and use that instead of the link.



I did what you said and how it works for my account summary

But on the card, it is still broken.


That is intentional. As you can see, it doesn’t show the broken image icon anymore.

This is likely because of security/aesthetic reasons (keeping the card limited in size) and is applicable to all Discourse forums.

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This is intentional for security reasons, Here is a staff response on this


That’s correct, we don’t currently support embedding all external domain file content like this for security reasons.


I’m pretty sure that Spotify embeds still are allowed and they show you what someone was listening to on Spotify.

Isn’t that some sort of security risk as well since it’s embedding content from outside Roblox?

Guess I should probably delete this embed though…

It’s probably because Spotify embeds are known

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