BadgeService:AwardBadge broken?


We’re about to release our Easter update where people can catch eggs. In return, they get a badge when the egg has been catched.

Yesterday, this worked fine. Today when we were about to release, the badges somehow don’t get awarded anymore. No output has been given…

Of course I debugged the entire script, no errors at all. So I then checked if the awardbadge method actually worked. I used this command in the command line:


I pressed play, executed that code, but of course it said it can only be given out by a roblox server. I then changed the “Current: Client” to “Current: Server”, and ran the command again. This time, no erros, but still no badge being awarded.

114962047 is my user id

The badge:

The game:

Am I the only one experiencing this, and if yes, what could I be doing wrong?


Have you already been rewarded the badge? It will not be awarding again unless you have deleted the badge from your inventory.

as @Schedency said already check if you own the badge by enter to your inventory if you already own the badge then remove the badge from your inventory and try to earn the badge again. you can do also a lines that going to check if the player own the badge and then if the player own the badge then is will print that the player own the badge and if the player no own the badge so is going to give the badge and print that the player claimed the badge. the check thing can help you to know also if you own the badge and by that you can know if this is also the problem.

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I indeed checked if I owned it already, but it appears like I don’t. :frowning:

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Dear @marketmanager1,

I’ve reviewed the whole system of the egg interaction, from firing the server to handing out the badge, and I can tell you, there’s nothing wrong! :partying_face:

According to my colleague @DutchGalaxy, there’s only tested in Studio, and according to the following wiki article, only Roblox servers can hand out badges.

Only Roblox game servers may award badges, i.e. badges cannot be awarded in Studio.

I wish you a lot of success with your egg hunting campaign!


Ahh! Of course. :man_facepalming: Thanks a lot!