Badminton game (Volunteer percentage)

About Us

Hi there! I’m Noctarius, and I’m planning on making a badminton Roblox game!
It’s a pretty popular game that is played, but their really isn’t a Roblox game of it. And, me and my friend, Katelyn, were playing Football Fusion, and she said she didn’t like it. I was like, what do you like? She was like, Badminton, and I wanted to make the game into a reality!

The Team
@Noctarius - Ui, head developer
@You Scripter
@You modeler/builder
@You GFX
@You Animator

About The Job

This is a volunteer position, but if profitable, will be paid.


You’ll be scripting stuff, like stats, leaderboard stuff, data stores, etc.


You’ll be making the rackets, shuttle, courts, etc.


You’ll be making one icon and one thumbnail, that’s it.


You’ll be animating the animations needed. (Not many, and this will be r15)

There is no deadline to a release date at the moment. Though, I would like it done by mid-March.


Scripter - 20%
GFX - 20%
Ui (me) - 20%
Modeler/builder - 20%
Animator - 20%

Contact Us

You can contact us here on the Developer Forum
Twitter - @Noctarius_RBLX
Discord - Noctarius#1337
We will be using Discord to mainly communicate.

Thanks for reading! :slight_smile:

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