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Welcome to Bai Hotels and Resort! :hotel:
“Atoa ni Bai”

Bai Hotels offers the most extraordinary hotel experience through cyberspace.

Bai Hotel offers one of the best luxury resort and spa. :wave:

Founded by Venzsoi, Chairman of LaComp

Asking of robux and spamming in the group wall will lead eternal group ban.

Every holidays double points will be open. Guide Points

2,000 Points : Head of selected staff your in.
5,000 Points : Junior Manager
12,000 Points : Senior Manager
15,000 Points : Public Information Officer | HR

The rest HR ranks will be gained for your activeness.

Buying ranks will serve as a donation. Once you bought it you can redeem it.

Only President+ can host and PIO+ can co host.

All handbooks can be found in our communication server.
Communication Server located in the group links.


HOTEL GUEST - A guest, free to attend sessions

TRAINEE - A intern-worker, attend trainings

Starter Staff
Receptionist - Gives/Takes cards for the guest.
Security - Guards the hotel at all cost
Housekeeping - Making the hotel neat and presentable
NOTE : You may work as a Barista but, you should know your duties.

Middle Rankers
Head of selected starter staff -
Simply guide and help starter staff and supervise the server
Supervisor - From its name “Supervisor”, you should supervise and kick players
Junior Management - In this rank you should be in the hotel at all cost, be approachable ,and kind.
Senior Management - Same job with the Junior Management but, you can co-host session.

Higher Rankers
Public Information Officer to President

Host and Co-host a session, be in the hotel in there’s a problem, promotes players with points.

Major Higher Rankers
Developer - Develops the game and stay approachable for bug fix.
Vice-Chairwoman/man - Co owns the hotel, can do whatever they want but should regulate the server and the hotel, and advertisements
Chairman - Owns the hotel, main developer/creator, manages the advertisements and everything.

Training Guide: Bai Hotels | Training Guide
Interview Guide: Bai Hotels | Interview Guide

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