Bake N' Cake Host Guide

Bake N’ Cake Official Training Host Guide:

SM Amenities to you all, welcome to the [TIME] training session, I am [USERNAME], and I will be your host for today’s fabulous session!

SM Please allow me to introduce my co-host [USERNAME].

SM Before we commence, I’d like to explain what I require you to do today when entering the training area.

SM When you enter the training room, you must stand on the trainee line if you are awaiting training. If you are rank 5-7 please stand on the helper line.

SM Please now line up outside the doors, I will be opening them shortly!

Countdown 15

SM Come on into the training room.

Pm admins Begin naming trainees.

SM I will now begin to go through rules and regulations for this session. Please remember to be silent during this process as now Permission To Speak is now in use. Say ‘PTS’ if you have any questions and/or concerns and one of my helpers will come and assist.

SM [RULE] Grammar is a requirement throughout this entire training session at all times. Here at Bake N’ Cake, grammar is a requirement as it allows us to remain professional. Failure to use it will lead to a consequence.

SM [RULE] Please show respect to your trainers and helpers. They are taking their time out of their day to assist you and help you in as many ways as they can so you can pass!

SM [RULE] Staff, you are expected to show respect towards trainees. If at any point you feel like you need assistance, the HRs and anyone supervising are more than happy to assist you.

SM [RULE] Please do not be AFK throughout this session. If you are AFK, you will be kicked without hesitation.

SM [RULE] Trolling isn’t tolerated at all here. Any staff caught trolling/not behaving will be demoted/suspended at instant.

SM [RULE] Please try your best to answer the questions as much as you can. If you’re struggling, let your helper know.

SM [RULE] If you fail this session, please do not complain on our group wall or in our communications server. We host daily sessions; there is always a next time!

SM [RULE - HELPERS] Please ensure that you are asking your trainee(s) 5 trivia questions, conducting a basic roleplay and conducting a troll test. REMEMBER: Include the strike system at all times, if they reach 3 strikes, it’s an instant fail. For more information check the communications server.

SM [RULE- HELPERS] If your trainee has failed, please tell your trainer or any MR+ and they will check and remove the trainee from the server.

SM [STAFF ONLY] Can trainers and helpers please make their way to their stations.

SM [TRAINEES] Trainees, on behalf of everyone at today’s session, we wish you the best of luck and hope as many of you pass as possible.

SM [TRAINEES] Off you go to your stations, good luck!

When the session is complete you may have 15 minutes of games and then you have to shutdown, failing to shutdown after the 15 minutes are up will result in a warning or a suspension depending on how long you kept the server up.