Bake N' Cake Trainer + Helper Guide

Bake N’ Cake Trainer & Helper Guide:
Trainer Guide:

(REMINDER: This guide is optional to use, if you have made your own then you are more than welcome to use it. We do suggest you base it off this guide, though!)

Amenities trainees, I am [USERNAME] and I will be your group trainer for this exquisite session!

Behind me are my fabulous helpers who will be taking over once all the information has been handed out.

Before I enable Permission To Speak (PTS), does anyone have any questions and/or concerns?


Alrighty, PTS is now enabled. If you have any questions, please state “PTS” in-chat and one of my helpers will come to you.


As a member of the staff team, you are required to serve and hand out snacks/drinks to guests!

We expect you to take pride in your work, and be an excellent role model.

Grammar is a requirement at all times; failure to correspond with this rule will lead to a demotion.


When serving guests, you are required to use a greeting to greet them.

This allows us to remain professional and give off a good impression to guests.

A fine example of one is:

“Greetings! Welcome to the Bake N’ Cake. I am {Username}, what can I get you on this fine day?”

Your job:

When you join the bakery, you are needed to go straight to work.

To work, you patiently wait behind the counter. Someone will come and order from you shortly.

When you encounter a guest, you firstly need to greet them. They should then give you an order, and you should make it.

To make a juice you are to do the following: Cup + Water + Juice

To make a hot beverage you are to do the following: Cup + Milk + Hot beverage

To make a flavoured tea you are to do the following: Cup + Water + Tea

To make a soda you are to do the following: Cup + Soda

To make a sandwich you are to do the following: Bread + Toppings

To make a snack you are to just click on it.

To hand out an item, you click “h” on your keyboard and type in the first 5 letters of the username.

If you’re on mobile, click the “Hand to” GUI at the top of your screen and type in the first 5 letters of their username.

That will give the requester the item!


When a troller first approaches you, first you need to ask them to stop. Then, go through the three warning system.

An appropriate reason for a warning would look like:

WI | dvrrenx | Using capitals.

An inappropriate reason for a warning would look like:

WI | dvrrenx | Being too cool

After someone has received 3 warnings call an MR/HR immediately.

The MR/HR will then kick the troller.


Trainees; on behalf of everyone here at today’s session, we wish you the best of luck with passing today.

Helpers; you are required to ask 5 trivia questions as well as conduct a housekeeping and troller roleplay.

Off you go!

Helper Guide:

Greetings, welcome to Bake N’ Cake trainings! I am USERNAME, and I will be your helper for todays fabulous session!

Before we commence, does anyone have any questions and/or concerns?

Alrighty, I just want to remind you that grammar must be used at all times. 3 grammar strikes will lead to a fail. :frowning:

Part 1:


In the trivia, I will be asking you V questions based on all the knowledge your amazing trainer has given you!

Your job is to answer as many as you can correctly.

Please make sure to answer them at an average speed, do not rush yourself, however do not take too long.

If you are unsure of the answer, just let me know and we will mark it as wrong, I will give you the correct one and we can move on.

Any questions?

QI. How many warnings does a troller get?

QII. Why is it important that staff use grammar?

QIII. Do exploiters get warnings?

QIV. How do you make a soda?

QV. Please state your greeting!

Part 2:


During the Roleplay, I will be pretending to be a guest asking for an order!

You need to greet me correctly, and be able to serve me with my order.

Any questions?


Alright, jump when your greeting is prepared!

next part is self explanatory - conduct the roleplay

Part 3:

Final part - troll test!

Congratulations, you have successfully made it to the final part of the whole training; the troll test!

I will be pretending to be a troller, and your job is to deal with me in a correct manner.

When calling a MR/HR, at this point in time, please do NOT go to one. Just say “Calls MR/HR” in chat, thank you!

Please do not take anything I say to heart, I do not mean it, you are amazing! It is simply for the test purpose!

Any questions?

Got it! Please jump when your greeting is prepared!

again, self explanatory - conduct the roleplay

Alright then, are you ready for results?


Congratulations, you have passed due to outstanding grammar, excellent responses and an overall fabulous job!

Please follow me to be ranked by one of our lovely Executive Director+!


Apologies, but you have failed due to: REASON.

You are dismissed. Failure to leave will lead to me having to get a rank 11+ to kick you.