Bakery Suggestions

I plan on making a successful bakery and I am currently in the process of how to do it. I am an owner of a bakery with the franchise’s plans to go live in 2022 but I need feedback on what makes a bakery special and unique. The question is, what makes a franchise fun to you? A franchise is a role-playing game that is mainly targeted at the kind of café/restaurant side of Roblox, I am making a bakery and want tips on what makes the gaming experience fun but to a franchise’s extent. Do you have any tips/ideas?

Bakery Background Information
  • Is a bakery and café. This is a franchise.
  • Has no development team so far. This is a new group, it plans to hire some but tips on fulfilling both the groups and developers needs would be helpful.
  • No funds.
  • Plans to go live in 2022. This is a new franchise.
  • No games have been made. No development progress.

Some replies would be amazing.



Make it big. Big. @Vitalious said that the Venti Cafe expansion helped playercounts.

Use lighting well. Westminster station would fit both the above categories, but it’s not great for mobile optimization.

You need to have mobile optimization. You must have it.

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So essentially, would a kind of mall sized bakery be good? Not going overboard.

I love the idea of having a ‘‘bakery mall’’, players can be able to go into the bakery while roleplaying at being at a mall ESC building.

What type of bakery are you looking at? A local mall of mine has an Auntie Annie’s which is soft pretzels, so close enough. By what I remember, they usually had display cases of their small things in the front, while towards the back had work spaces for employees to roll the dough around to make the bread/pretzel.

Here’s a reference image:

If you’re looking at a normal bread bakery, then it can be close to this, most likely with more ovens and stuff to put on the bread.

You keep saying “franchise,” what does that imply?

I think the look of the bakery will be important. I love this sort of style for a building. Not sure if this helped.

Blender 3.0 Grease Pencil Tutorial - Bakery Shop - YouTube

YouTube · Kevandram

I usually like interactive games like ones where you can interact with different objects. I don’t know much about role play games. (Of course the actual bakery would be bigger then the one in this image.)