BAKERY TYCOON! 2022 | Feedback on my third game!

Hello everyone! I am very excited to show you, my third solo dev. game! :slight_smile:
I did it with a lot of passion and sacrifice! I heartily appreciate your feedbacks!

PLAY HERE! :white_heart:

If you can give me advice and tips to continue adding content, make the game grow and reach more public , I will be deeply grateful!

:heart: Thanks for your time and I hope you enjoy it! :heart:



Overall, it’s pretty good compared to most basic tycoons. However, I got some very small things I suggest changing in your game.

^ I suggest replacing the β€œ!” with β€œβ€¦β€ that way it actually looks like it’s loading and to give a better vibe in the game.

^ having the how to play option is jsut taking up more space in my opinion, especially since you already have the tutorial text at the top. Just add yes or no options and remove the X at the top right.

Overall - 9/10. Nice job!

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cool game! one thing i’d change is to tone down the hammering and drilling noises, they’re loud and get pretty annoying
also, the level up icon and sound is also a bit much, maybe tone that down a bit too

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Thanks for your time! I really appreciate your advice! I will take these changes into consideration!

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Thanks for your time! Yes, be sure to adjust those sounds! Thank you!