Bakiez Bakery | Community Address #001

It is important that everyone apart of the community reads this address to it’s fullest.

It is also important that everyone reading this address understands that this major change is not permanent, but simply a temporary fix for an issue that Bakiez has been experiencing for the longest time.

Starting between Thursday or Friday, the chef role will become futile. With that being said, everything pertaining to the chef role including but not limited to, the infamous Bakiez baking system, any gamepasses related to the chef role, training operations related to the role of chef, etc., will also become futile and cease to operate.

This change was unanimously voted at an emergency board meeting which took place yesterday at approximately 2:00 PM EST.

Why is this change necessary? The reason why the board decided to make this change is due to one of the main underlying problems of Bakiez since the release of Version 2: the Baking System. Those who are not a chef or have never experienced working as a chef cannot really speak on this matter because they’ve yet to experience its flaws but to sum things up, the baking system has been broken since day one. Yes, it lasted us 2+ years however, during those 2+ years we experienced an insane amount of bugs, breaks, errors, and so on. Recently, the baking system has become completely ineffective and useless. Nothing works, to the point, it’s ruining the experience for everyone who play Bakiez for the fun and thrill and joy.

Many efforts have been made over the past few months however all efforts fell short. Nobody could understand the “atrocious” code, (quoted by those who tried to fix the problem), that the original developer made and ended up doing more harm than good, trying to fix the countless errors and flaws in the system.

Because of all that, it was necessary for the Corporate Board of Bakiez to act immediately and decisively, in order to come up with the best solution not only for our thousands of chefs who work endlessly day in and day out, but also for the thousands and thousands of community members who enjoy the Bakery every single day.

One of the reasons why this change is so significant is because the Bakiez Baking System was the thing that made Bakiez unique. It distinguished us among all the other cafes and restaurant roleplaying games on the platform. With our version 2 release, we set the precedent for how cafes and restaurants are supposed to be all-round including in technology, architectural style, vibe, and so much more.

What is the new system? The new system will be very simple. If you have been with us since version 1, or if you’ve worked at Frappe before, then this will be very simple for you. All food items will be lined up on shelves in the kitchen. The only thing cashiers will need to do is simply take an individual’s order, click on the food they ordered from the kitchen, and that food will go into the cashier’s inventory in seconds. Then all they’ll need to do is make the drink, (if they ordered one), then use the same give feature, (press H), and give the food/drinks to the customer. For example, let’s say Voulge, being the customer, orders a vanilla cupcake with blue sprinkles and a vanilla milkshake; the cashier will then go and make the drink first, then go to the kitchen and find the exact cupcake the customer asked for and simply click on it. Once the cashier clicks on it, the cupcake will appear in their inventory and all they need to do from there is use the give feature (press H) and give both the drink and the cupcake to the customer. It’s that simple.

This type of system has been in the cafe/restaurant roleplaying community for the longest time and was actually the first system used when these types of games first came out. So yes, it is extremely outdated however, what else can we do.

The videography department will be making a detailed instructional video very soon regarding the big change and how this new system works so those who are still confused will be able to learn better.

In addition, the training center will be remodeled and open to all chefs who wish to practice the new system.

Now, if you are a chef, whether regular, experienced, or master, you have two options:

Option 1:
If you are a chef and you want to continue to work at the Bakery, even though this is just a temporary solution until V3 releases, all you will need to do is contact a rank 13+ and message them saying that you want to be transferred over to the cashier system. Another way you can get transferred over is by letting an admin in-game know, or by saying so on the Bakiez group wall.

Option 2:
If you are a chef and do not wish to be transferred over to the new temporary system, that is completely fine however, you will not be able to work at V2 by any means. By choosing this option, you are agreeing to that and awaiting to be trained with the new V3 chef system whenever it comes out.

One of the main reasons why we are giving the opportunity for all chefs to choose what they wish to do is simply because it is not fair to force them to do something they do not wish to do. Not only that, but learning a new system is very difficult, and for them to learn ANOTHER one again once V3 releases is extremely stressful and that is not something we want to put on the chefs.

To close, we know and understand that this change is an extremely big change however, we want everyone to know that if it wasn’t completely necessary, then we simply wouldn’t be making such a change.

Please do understand that all of this is completely temporary. Version 3 is just around the corner and we cannot wait to share the final chapter of Bakiez with all of you. Although at first, it will be a lot to take in, especially with all the brand new systems, as every single person in Bakiez will have to be trained on how everything works, however, we will overcome it all and you will truly be amazed at how magnificent this new version will be.

If you happen to have any dire questions, be sure to contact a member of Senior Management (14+), or a member of the Corporate team (rank 16+).

Thank you all for understanding. :hearts: