Bakiez Bakery Version 3 Announcement

Greetings to the Bakiez Community and the communities of all our business partners and affiliates. I am delighted to announce that the final version of Bakiez Bakery, Version 3, is nearing completion.

Bakiez Bakery

Ever since the launch of Bakiez Bakery, we’ve focused on the idea of being a unique game. When Version 1 was released, there was not a single bakery in the Cafe/Restaurant roleplay community. Now there are plenty. Bakiez Bakery has, and will always continue to change the community and set the precedent for other games to follow.

Version 3

Version 3 has been in development for the past 2 years. That is not only due to complications with coding and developers, but also due to complications with transporting my idea and vision for Version 3 into a build. When Version 3 was first contracted and the build was complete, it was nowhere near what I had envisioned. I ended up not just gutting the entire thing out, but rebuilding it entirely several times. However, it still wasn’t adding up to what I had envisioned in my head.

A little over a month ago, I came across a very unique restaurant build that was designed and developed by my very good friend, Tremblu (formerly known as DrBigWallet/Morellos); the founder and former owner of Breezy’z. I was in awe of how remarkably incredible and unique the build was. It was unlike any restaurant in the community. I immediately negotiated with him for it because I just knew this was going to be the next version of Bakiez. To my luck, he gave it to me for free.

Since then, I’ve redesigned the entire thing to fit the cafe-style that Bakiez has pioneered, and also expanded it to replicate what I had envisioned Version 3 to be. As of right now, the entire build is 90% complete and I cannot wait to show you all what we have in store.

Goal for Version 3

As I’ve previously said, Version 3 will be my final project on the ROBLOX platform and the final version of Bakiez Bakery. Therefore, it is my job to ensure that this version will not only stand the test of time and be extraordinary, but V3 will also be revolutionary. Version 2 brought a number of new features to Bakiez. We introduced a state of the art Baking system unlike anything in the community at the time. In addition, we expanded on the idea of differentiated roles, and so much more. Version 2 set the precedent that all games in the community followed, Version 3 will also do the same.

Although I do not wish to give too many details away just yet, the map of V3 and build of the Bakery alone are magnificent. They are unlike anything you’ve ever seen before in the community. In addition to the brand new systems, architectural style, foods, many roles, etc., that we will be introducing, Version 3 will be a giant step out of the generic cafe/restaurant-style games that you see often.

Version 3 Public Beta

Corporate is delighted to announce that Public Beta of Version 3 will be open on the 21st of June 2020. Much more information regarding this will be announced when the date approaches. Do keep in mind that the Public Beta will be released at a set robux amount. This price will not be cheap for a number of reasons. A couple of reasons being that we will need to raise funds for the grand release of our new version and we would like to continue to keep the project and its contents a secret up until it’s release in order to build hype.

Frequntly Asked Questions

How big will Version 3 be? Will it be bigger than Version 2?

The Bakery of V3 is going to be twice the size of V2. To give a little context, Version 3 will have 3 floors. In terms of the map, the map of V3 is going to be massive. I mean, if “Bakiezville” doesn’t give it away, then what will?

What data is going to transfer over?

As of right now corporate is continuing to debate exactly which data from Version 2 is going to transfer over to Version 3. When Version 2 was released, no data from Version 1 was transferred over including gamepasses and BakerPoints. As the debate continues and the release date gets closer and closer, we will release a statement containing information of what exactly will be transferring over.

Will there be lag at Version 3?

As you all know, the lag that we’ve seen in both Version 1 and Version 2 have been tremendously unbearable. It is my top priority to ensure that Version 3 will not have a single ounce of lag and will be able to run on virtually any compatible device smoothly. With Version 3 being 90% complete, there is zero lag and I hope for it to remain that way.

Where do you post teasers?

Teasers are posted mainly in our Communications Discord Server. Head over to our main group page and look for the our server invite.

To sum it up…

If you can’t already tell, Version 3 will be jaw-dropping. It is going to change the community for many years to come. This is a project 2 years in the works and has been rebuilt several times just to ensure it’s perfection.

A brand new teaser trailer, considering the fact that the current V3 teaser trailer is outdated, will be coming soon so stay tuned for that.

So much more information regarding V3 will be announced as the opening of Public Beta approaches and the release of this highly-anticipated project comes closer. So ensure that you are where you need to be for all of that. As we count down the days until our release, we hope that you all are excited for what we have to offer and cannot wait to show you the final Version of Bakiez Bakery.