Bakiez Version 3 Changelog

Version 3 Pre-release (To-do, unpublished)

New features and changes

[+] Levels and EXPs

  • You can earn EXPs from

    • Wandering around the map
    • Making and completing orders
    • Ordering drinks and drinking
    • Ordering foods and eating
    • Completing achievements
    • Cleaning the bakery
  • Unlock items as you level up (For future update)

    • Unlock boxes
    • Unlock new furniture
  • There are 100 levels

[+] Daily reward changes

  • Rewards are separated to two different categories
    • Weekly streak rewards
    • Special rewards, VIP, events etc
  • You can earn BakerPoints, Muffins, EXP from rewards now

[+] General backend improvements

  • Moderation Framework V1
    • Commands: Ban, Kick, Mute, Unban, Unmute
    • Warnings
    • Data restore commands for Admins
  • Live server control via discord
    • Banning and unbanning players from discord for moderators
    • Shutting down, Restarting and updating servers from discord for corporate
    • Restoring player data from discord
    • … More cool stuff for corporate to mess with

[+] More food recipes

  • Special food recipes

[+] Chat tags

  • Chat tag for displaying your rank or achievement (not actual achievements)
    • Beta Tester
    • Developer
    • Corporate
  • You can configure them in Settings

[+] You’ll be removed from work if you stay outside of your workplace for too long
[+] Removed music player, It will be replaced with another tab in the future

Version 3 Pre-Release Countdown

Version 3 will be accessible for Moderator and Management+ after 20 September 2020 20:00:00 EST even if you’re not a beta tester. Countdown will begin on 20 September 2020 23:59:00 EST

You will be redirected to the actual game or Version 3 after the countdown ends, beta testers can choose to stay for the countdown or redirect to Version 3.

Beta testers will receive a special Chat Tag, you can change them in Settings
Everything included in this changelog will be available on Pre-Release

This changelog is not final.

Everything here is subject to change or postpone