Bakstriez Head Barista to Shift Leader Promotion Guide

Last updated: 11.10.2020


Remember that we do not guarantee a promotion for every single Head Barista; we pick people based on their work ethic, activity, and dedication.

Basic Information

:heavy_check_mark:︎ | As always, you need to be ranked ‘Head Barista’ to be eligible for a promotion.
:heavy_check_mark:︎ | You need to be a Head Barista for at least 2 weeks.
✘︎ | Trolling is prohibited, especially as a Head Barista.
✘︎︎ | Standing around like an MR+ can give you an image of lack of dedication. We want Head Barista to be behind the counters, or in the kitchen working as well; standing around like an MR+ can be seen as a sign of desperation for an Shift Leader rank.
✘︎ | Hinting to a big no no. Hinting will definitely decrease your chances in becoming an Shift Leaders+. We want hard workers that have gratitude to become Shift Leader’s, instead of people trying to talk HRs into lending them an MR rank.
:heavy_check_mark:︎ | Working hard, using proper grammar, professionalism, and being active can get you promoted to Staff Assistant.
:heavy_check_mark:︎ | You should be on our communications server in order to communicate easier with everyone. It is mandatory for every MRs to be in our communications server.

Being honest is a significant expertise to Bakstriez. We must be honest, so we can trust each other, and so we can also build a stronger and better relationship with everyone. By this being said, this is something the HR team is very explicit about. The HR team is looking for people who are honest, so we can trust them in being an MR.

Disrespect is something that is very critical. Lacking respect can give us more reasons not to pick you for Shift Leader. Just use common sense whenever you’re at the restaurant, or anywhere else related to Bakstriez, including our ally’s games.

Work ethic
We love to see different kinds of styles of working, from different people. Making your work ethic look unique and fun tells us that you are hard working, and dedicated to your job. This can give us more reasons to promote you.


In conclusion

These are just a few important tips to get you promoted. Like I’ve said before, we do not guarantee a promotion to every single Head Barista that works here. We choose new Shift Leader’s by the quality of their work, not what they wear, or by their username. With all of these being said, all the MR, HR, and SR team wishes ahead Baristas the best of luck!

Made by Fede1212156.
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