Balance issue. What's the perfect equation?

Recently I’ve been struggling on finding the perfect equation for a rating to give a person based off of their kills and deaths.

At first it seemed fairly simple for me, just use KDR and then give them an A through F based on their KDR, but got stuck when I realized a person with just 5 kills and only 1 death gave them the same score of someone with 50 kills and 10 deaths. Clearly, a person with 50 kills would get a better rating than the person with 5 kills, despite them having the same KDR.

Here’s the script I created. The ratings table could have been optimized more but I’m too lazy to create something for that -_-

Does anyone know an optimal equation?

You probably can multiply by another factor of %total kills of the team

So 50/(50+5) for the top scorer

And 5 / (50+5) for the person with only 5 kills

This will be multiplied with the k/d which will create a difference in score values based on total kills.

It’s not perfect, but I believe it’s a start.

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I don’t know how well this method will play out because I’m not grading them based off of their place on the team, just based off of how well they did.

You could add number of kills * a factor to the score

For 50 kills/10 deaths

50/10 = (5 kdr * x) + (50 kills * y)

You could also do k - d + kdr


What do you mean by the 50/10 here?

Oops, that’s supposed to be kills/deaths

Would it be better to multiply the kills to deaths ratio by a difference of the two.

(5 / 1) * (5 - 1) = 5 * 4 = 20
(50 / 10) * (50 - 10) = 5 * 40 = 200

Getting ten times the kills and deaths will result in a score ten times greater.

(6 / 2) * (6 - 2) = 12
(12 / 4) * (12 - 4) = 24

Linear progression according to the number of kills and deaths. Having more deaths than kills will also produce negative scores.