Balancing Game Difficulty

I’ sure I’m not the first person who has had this issue, so I want to know, how do you go about balancing the difficulty of your game, specifically concerning economics, when that’s the main progress factor. If you’ve ever played a game called adventure capitalist, you’ll know that, even as the numbers get astronomical, the amount of progress actually made seems well thought out at intentional. How could I achieve similar results?

  1. I personally think anything over 30mins of the players time is too much.
  2. Many players enjoy the grind, but some don’t have 10 hours just to get a single rare item.
  3. Players enjoy when you make things easier compared to making them harder. Make things a bit harder than you think they should be. Player feedback is crucial for this type of thing.

For the money thing I am guessing you can buy currency with robux. You want the robux spent to be worth it, but not so much that is negates the entire point of the game. No idea for this one apart from seeing what players do.

Player feedback and metrics is everything in this case. If an over whelming amount of players are saying it is too hard, make it easier. If your metrics say players can get 1 billion coins in a minute, then change that.

This gives great information so I recommend checking it out: Balancing Game Expansions with Dspav - YouTube