Bald-welding patch

A new exploit has recently appeared that allows players to weld bald players to limbs on their body. This can be problematic especially on games like the new metaverse event because it allows people to control other characters.
poger (2)

I have made a solution that prevents exploiters from taking over players with no hats on.

local h =“Accessory”)
local handle =“Part”,h)
handle.Size =,1,1)
handle.Name = “Handle”
local mesh =“SpecialMesh”,handle)
mesh.MeshId = “
mesh.TextureId = “
if part:IsA(“Model”) and game:GetService(“Players”):GetPlayerFromCharacter(part) then
if not part:FindFirstChildWhichIsA(“Accoutrement”) then
h:Clone().Parent = part

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so this is just making a new hat in the player’s character?

They’re asset ID links…

The real ones are TX_MaleChunk_Pal - Roblox & PalHair - Roblox

(The ones he sent work on roblox, you just can’t see them)