"Ball Blast" Important Information

Regarding the new game “Ball Blast” I announced in my group about a week ago, there are some news updates.

One, I had to post here due to the 255 character limit on group shouts, and I wanted to include detailed information in this announcement so that everyone knows whats going on.

The release for the Alpha stage of the game is going to be delayed, hopefully to sometime after the new year. This is because there have been some major complications in the form of my personal life and in the game’s design.

That brings me into the second key factor, the change of genre. I announced this game as a class & team based shooter, but I’m gutting the class part from the game. The reason for this is because it really limits what a class based shooter can be when paired with the original mechanic of the game, and the same story with the original mechanic. I realized this as I got very far into development of the class based portion of the game, causing the loss of development time spent on what is going to be released as “Ball Blast.”

Thank you for your patience, and have a wonderful Christmas!! :christmas_tree:


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