Ball Constraints Laggy?

Before you say anything its not what you think, so basically I have two balls that have ball constraint and its fine but when i add multiple and they are all moving it starts to become laggy, especially on the server, how would I fix this? Also there is a button the player uses to increase the size of the balls, would this affect the lag issue?

Have you used :SetNetworkOwner() so you could force simulate physics on a part?

The only thing why am i speaking about :SetNetworkOwner() is because servers may not simulate physics well, so you could simulate physic as you said on two balls on your machine or force server to always simulate them.

no havent done that, could you show me how?

I am really not good at explaining but you would apply the Network Ownership to your part like workspace.Part:SetNetworkOwner() and it will force server to simulate physics on your part always. Also this can be applied on your machine (basically client) by applying who will simulate it like this workspace.Part:SetNetworkOwner(player). You may find some additional information about Network Ownership in Developer Hub: Network Ownership Article

thanks alot will def look more into this

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