"Ball Grabbing Simulator" will this get banned?

I recently made a game, on an alt account, called “Ball Grabbing Simulator.”

I’m going to say this, the game is 100% PG.

It’s made with the intent to get people to play, because of its “Bait & Switch” title.

Considering the level of moderation roblox seems to have, what are the chances that this game gets banned?



I would recommend not doing it, or maybe call it something else like “Pick Up Balls”, though since the game is up and running, and has been for 2 months, I wouldn’t worry too much.

bruh you made it sound way worse than the original title :laughing:

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Anything with the use of the word “Balls” or “Ball” doesn’t end well so I would say no.

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Sphere Grabbing Simulator or Circle Grabbing Simulator

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Thanks guys, I’ll look for another name lol

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