Balls... Now With Strategy! - Version History

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Please message me with any bugs or issues you have with the game. Even if they are minor or nitpicky, I want to hear your thoughts. Thank you!

2020/8/1 v0.8.4

  • NEW Super Shield Pusher added:
    • It’s like the Super Hax pusher, but shorter, larger, and shaped like a shield.
    • As such, it’s better for blocking balls and for pushing large ball piles out of the way. But keep in mind that its range is much shorter than the Super Hax.
  • Level unlocks for pushers have been changed as follows:
    * Ordinary Pusher renamed to Straight Pusher because it’s always been the internal name and I think it’s more accurate.
	  1 → 1 *Straight
	  5 → 4  Super Hax
	  9 → 7  Grapple
	 13 → 10 Pump
	    → 13 Shield
	 17 → 17 Air Loons
	 21 → 21 Boots
  • NEW Fun and amusing loading screen:
    • try it for yourself to experience the whimsy :3
    • omg there’s now 1 loading screen instead of two, what a fudgeing concept
    • it should now consistently let players pick their new ball color… which was an issue that literally took me took >17 months to bother to fix → why did i not do this earlier DX
  • Minor bugfix stuff:
    • The big red X that pushes you back in bounds is actually not invisible again + is BIGGER.
    • Bloop Boots now support actual materials, so now its rust design actually looks like rust.
    • Summit + Crispy’s Sky Temple: Adjusted out of bounds areas to be less dumb.


  • BETA version of the Super Shield Pusher debuted on the test server today!

2020/7/12 v0.8.3.3

  • Duck Shot: Clothes on the ducks should now always equip in the right place.
    • Some of the clothes will still clip a little bit, but there’s not much I can do about that.
    • Support for chest/waist/back clothing is complete now.
  • Some changes to das 3pik 5w0rd B4ttl3:
    • The rain balls now actually drop in the same place for every player.
      • Before, the mode was a lie where every player had a different set of rain. :0
    • Rain falls from 40 studs higher, giving people more time to react to drops.
    • (An experiment) Increasing rain drop rate by 33%.
  • Grapple + Pumper Pusher additional tweaks:
    • They now take 25% less time to shoot and reel in.
    • They will no longer knock you over sometimes after reeling in.
  • When you respawn in the practice area, it now puts you at the spawn you were closest to when you died.

:arrow_right_hook:Click here to see the patch notes for older versions of the game. I went over the character limit. XP

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