Ban "Builders vs. Scripters" or "What Role Is Better" Topics


Rules of the #development-discussion state that a topic must be contributing something to developers, encourage discussion, be specific, and not be for unrelated concerns.

These topics just break all of these rules and they still stay up. They generally always break into a fight and everyone goes back and forth saying I’m better over and over again. Their just unproductive threads that pit everyone against each other.


I believe these are against the rules, and that they just take time to get taken down.


Bro #development-discussion is dried up at this point :confused:
Also, you can check out these 2 threads; mentions lots of informative stuffs.


They technically aren’t against the rules (I might be wrong here, please quote the rules if there are any that don’t allow those) but I do wish that DET crack down more on the million reposts of the same thing or just merge those into a big mega thread for the sake of having a continuous discussion.


This is the one that comes into mind:

I don’t see how making a post about which role is more important is aggressive behavior against a specific developer.


Well it can turn into an argument and it usually does.

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That’s how the community is deciding to use the topic. In that case, the topic should be closed for being toxic, but that doesn’t mean the topic is inherently bad.

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The fact that every single topic breaks into a war tells you it’s probably the topic and not just the community. I’ve yet to see one about this where everyone was civil, respectful, and open to each other’s opinions.


No matter the topic, it always comes down to how the community reacts to them.

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These topics are already classed as spam because they’ve been made countless times before, so there’s no point banning them specifically when they technically cannot be reposted without breaking the rules.

DET also seem to already remove topics which are bound to start arguments once flagged.


Yeah but topics like these have no real contribution. They just make opinions about who is better. No one wants to say they are less important than the other, so all anyone does in these is fight about it.

For a topic to be #development-discussion worthy it has to be contributive, and it just isn’t.

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The only reason it’s not contributing is because, once again, the community can’t handle anyone saying their role might be not be 100% needed for a project.e the gun or the person who did it?

Either, way these topics are kind of banned already because posting a topic repeating what another has said is against the rules.

Yea so from what I am gathering the topic itself isn’t against the rules but the discussions that follow lead by users who can’t discuss things in a polite manner.


Not really because many are posting it in different ways in that it isn’t the same topic but asking the same thing.

Rephrasing the same thing isn’t allowed afaik. Flag these posts if you see them.

Well whether or not it’s allowed, the point is this is a consistent problem that flagging alone won’t solve and they have a clear issue, the rules of the #development-discussion is not specific enough and need to outright ban this topic. Like how “what price should I sell this for” topics are banned.

No matter how you change the rules, in the end it all comes down to flagging.

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Of course, but it helps to clarify that topics like these, which break into nothing but back and forth fighting, are not tolerated.

I don’t entirely like the idea of banning a discussion topic, but why discuss this at all? People know the pros and cons of their choices enough to get started, let them work out of their passion and creativity. These discussions often don’t provide any actual points or arguments that are not emotionally driven. These types of discussion topics just keep pushing the same garbage onto people over and over again, yet it changes nothing. These discussion topics don’t have a finite goal, they don’t progress the status quo, it is bluntly a contest and is not needed at all in the Developer Forums.