Ban chatGPT for answers and resources

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Ban ChatGPT (or any similar bot) for answers and resources. (This still means you STILL CAN use chatGPT for your resources, (like to speed up coding) but you have to write your own code too.) so we can avoid newcomers doing this in the forum like this one (no offense) so we can still see useful answers, and resources instead of people effortlessly asking the bot to write code.

Stack overflow already bans chatGPT which is a W.

If its already banned, make it clear in the rules.

Ban ChatGPT or any similar resource for posts and topics. This means that chatGPT is still usable for resources, only if to speed up your process and you wrote more of it.

The reason I made this topic because a newcomer in the forum used chatGPT completely for the code, This shows no intention to be on the forum. After I made this topic, more people started to use ChatGPT to answer peoples questions and use it to write replies for development discussion. The forum, should’ve first built the walls before the enemies attack.

These people also just want to farm out likes. Showing they “helped” the people on the forum.

ChatGPT should be banned, So that we can see useful answers/replies/topics just like before. Stack overflow already banned chatGPT from their website.

If its already banned, make it clear in the rules.

Now, you might ask, how would the mods know if it was generated or not?

There is no real way to do this. But you can just look at the post and see if its similar/same to the chatGPT generated response.

If its not moderatable, Just add it in the rules.
We should also combat misinformation. We can do this along with banning chatGPT.


A bad answer is a bad answer - the post you listed has already been taken down.

I agree that using these tools to automatically answer questions is problematic, but that’s not what is happening here. I don’t see why this is needed given it isn’t a problem for us; StackOverflow has a vastly different scale and the knowledge is a lot more diffuse (meaning bad answers aren’t always caught).


As far as I understand ChatGPT is a help, and not a complete solution, and on the page it says that it can give incorrect information.
Does this mean it should be banned? No, it is the responsibility of the user who uses it (in this case sharing a script), and even if it was banned, how would you or other people detect it?


Good question. We can check the quality of code to whoever is willing to do so. Or if the code was intentionally broken, or we can ask the bot and see if it has the same answer.

Yes… Therefore shouldnt be on forum. People will start using it as a free solution giver even if it was “help”

It is. People working with effort to give a solution, or some dude who asked the bot to generate some code and get a free solution effortlessly. Would you want that?

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What I mean isn’t that it wouldn’t be an issue if it were happening, but it’s not. The example you cite was already taken down, so I see no reason the forum should have a change to moderation policy.


Personally, I agree. Or at least ban ChatGPT from categories such as #help-and-feedback:scripting-support. My reasons for this are similar to what Stackoverflow stated:


People should be able to tell if it works, right? there are still people who point out if it doesn’t.

ChatGPT is probably fine for code examples provided you’ve verified the code is correct and you’re not being weird about it. It’s a tool like any other.

Anyone thinking of using AI to entirely generate forum text content or replies though, please just don’t. That’s insincere and a rampant source of bad information that pretends to be correct.


Although what if a really good scripter uses ChatGPT and tweaks it so it works properly. Also who cares if somebody makes a script on the devforum that doesn’t work at the end of the day it doesn’t do any harm to anyone and I can give you a list of several scripts that don’t work anymore because of API changes.

In addition that post was most likely taken down because he never even tested it and it started arguments in the comments which Roblox commonly takes down and will most likely take down this post too.

I’ve been using ChatGPT for awhile and it doesn’t give clear instructions on how to set a few things up. So I don’t see why we should ban it.


“Banning” AI seems a little extreme and would be difficult to enforce. Of course AI systems such as ChatGPT can often generate inefficient or straight up incorrect code, but I also see people doing the same. Instead I think it’s important to tackle the root problem, which is to verify the accuracy of the information/ code you are posting whether it’s written completely by you or a bot. Providing a disclaimer when something is generated by AI or you’re not completely sure if you are correct can help mitigate the issue of confident false information as well. Overall, I think a total ban would be hard to enforce and would not solve the root issue you are looking to address.


Im am very much against banning AI generated stuff.
Stackoverflow will pay the price of doing that, a percentage of their users will eventually stop using their website.
Only with using the AI it will get better. If you ban it will never get good. I see no problem with AI generated stuff such as sounds, art or scripts.
Appears to me that people are just scared of AI taking over their jobs and then asks for bans. AI will not take our jobs, unless we are really bad at it.



ChatGPT is flawed in many ways when handling code, however it excels at producing code which can be picked apart by experienced programmers on the DevForum.

Posting code inconsiderate to purpose allows for developers to further educate those reading the topic on why the code they posted is unoptimised for the situation.

Plenty of people on the internet (myself included at times) don’t know what they’re talking about & don’t research before responding. How can you distinguish between their code and an AI’s?


I agree with @PeZsmistic .

ChatGPT is fine for code examples as long as you’ve verified that its worked properly.

Couldn’t have explained it better,

Either way, if someone goes on and does it anyway, you’ll know if it works or not when you test the script yourself.


That AI detector is not reliable, please don’t use it to attack users here.


I don’t see why you would want to ban ChatGPT. Thats like banning people copying things from the docs. Why ban something that helps developers. Now in saying this I think people need to have an understanding for the question and the answer ChatGPT is giving, not just copying the devforum question and putting into ChatGPT and copying the answer without reading throught it.

Unfortunatly however in my experience ChatGPT isn’t the best at Roblox Luau. It often just gives general answers rather than specific code examples. It was probably trained with a minamal amount of Luau


people not reading the topic and just directly replying to get some likes is just sad (not all of them)

please, read:

And another thing: Im not referring to resources using it to help themselves, but the ones which i just linked.

Now, its very clear people skip reading the topic and just guess what it is from the title. Before you reply, read the topic.

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You don’t fight misinformation with bans against those who spread it. You fight misinformation with more correct information.