Ban Hammer mesh deletion?

Hey. I’m not sure where this will fit, and its not major; but the mesh for the Ban Hammer has somehow been deleted and because its used in my game I’d like to know why? Thanks :slight_smile:

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@Kensai666 also noticed an official mesh disappearing today, I forget which

I think these are both related to the action that was taken recently which seemed to disable all custom user meshes prior to it being made a feature in 2016.
For a little context, in 2008-2009 user meshes were briefly a thing? I’m a bit shaky on the exact dates as it was so long ago but for a while users could upload their own. I expect that the ban hammer mesh, while “official” may not have been created by roblox?

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It exists as a Roblox gear item

Hi guys, just wanted to let you know that this is a known issue with a few meshes and will hopefully be fixed by eotw!



I don’t know if it was allowed for users at all - my impression was that staff (stravant, in this case) could upload meshes.

I think they were a thing, but not officially. Pretty sure there was some way to upload them disguised as audio or something.


Not sure what language “eotw” is in, but i’m sure people can fix it :slight_smile:

End of the week.


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