Ban "invisible torso" shirts & ads

I’ve been seeing these things over and over again:

This person has made over 100,000 Robux just off of this scam shirt. There have been tons of other invisible torso shirts that have reached thousands of sales as well. This needs to be stopped.

Yes, they eventually get deleted once a report actually reaches the moderators, but Report Abuse never seems to work properly. I’ve reported these shirts in the past and nothing has been done to them for an extremely long time. Surely some of the people getting scammed by this are reporting it as well. When it finally gets deleted, the scammer already has tens or hundreds of thousands of Robux, and they usually just make another shirt.

Moderators should be instructed to preemptively block these shirts and to block any “invisible torso” ads. Sure, whatever, it’ll upset an incredibly small handful of people who actually want their torso to look transparent on the website, but it will save tens of thousands of people from being scammed by this tactic.

Here’s what the shirt texture looks like:

Link to shirt: , - Roblox


The best part of this is that the description says


Yeah this needs to go. I don’t believe we need a new policy, rather continue to strongly enforce the policy regarding scams.


Would be less of a problem if the default mode of the viewer was 3D, but alas.


To add to the offense, that shirt is blatantly copied (as you can see he has scribbled out the “NO COPYING” watermark on the left of the texture lol


I agree. It’s not a matter of needing to instate a new enforcement policy as you’ve already stated that they actually are being deleted, it just takes a while. What needs to happen is stronger enforcement of this needs to occur such that as you’ve stated could result in the moderation team denying these sorts of assets from the website.

What I’m interested in is does this shirt actually work?

If it doesn’t, he honestly deserves his ROBUX revoked for lying and scamming users.




Then this needs to be dealt with and honestly, as harsh as it sounds, he needs his ROBUX removed for blatantly lying and scamming other users.


Obviously, yeah.


omg this really worked omg thx 4 best hacks evah.

To be honest I surprised these have been around for so long… Its an old scam.


These shirts and ads are still very common. Can we please get something done about this?


Yeah, scammers are continuing to earn hundreds of thousands of Robux with these invisible torso shirts. Given how much Roblox’s mod team prefers to err on the side of caution when approving things, I don’t understand why they don’t just block any ad that looks to be advertising an “invisible torso,” and block any shirt that looks like the template in the OP. The mods are even stricter on other things that are more legitimate (such as advertising free in-game items/promotions), but they won’t block this blatant scam.

There are close to zero legitimate reasons for anyone to be uploading assets like these - 99.99% of their usage is simply for scamming. They should never be approved for usage on the site.