Ban Panel [DataStore2] Feedback

Hey Everyone,

As many asked Ban Panel v2.0 Is Almost Here,


You press enter to ban / unban
And there is kick button

Any Feedback would help!

Thanks for reading.

I think it looks quite nice! If the ban slider is supposed to change from ban to unban then I’d suggest making it a tad bit bigger but that’s just my opinion. :+1: I’d also make the height of the tab fit with the height of the text. Other than that, looks quite nice! :smiley:

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Do you think something need to change other than what you said above?

Well I’d change the text box colour to be the same as the slider Background colour.

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Maybe add a warn as well. Just a suggestion!


Thanks for the suggestion…

I agree make it more colorful.

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I want to make it simple and modern

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Experiment with Grays, Whites and Blacks.

Maybe even make some UI Gradient colors.

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Are you going to use this Ban Panel or old one?

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I am still thinking about if I will use a ban panel in my game. If I do then definitely this one. Its nice and cleaner.

Did EZban stop giving you issues @HackItsGood ?
(Great UI by the way)

I forgot to update the model, I was so busy

Thanks for the feedback.