Banks UGC Concept Collection

Hey, this is just going to be a collection of all my UGC concepts, feedback on any of them helps! Currently attempting to go a month straight posting concepts :tada:! This post is also to track my modeling progress! Anyway, thanks for checking me out, now check out my cool creations below!


Bunny Ears

Modern Glasses

Crepe Purse

Soft Red Cookie

Midnight Back Wand

Pink Oval Glasses

Pink Floppy Hat

Cream Backpack


Midnight Bucket Hat


Want to try these items in-game? Join here: Banks UGC Collection - Roblox

Any feedback appreciated! :heart:


They look fabulous, but I recommend making the bunny ears taller and larger because hairs would probably block half of it.

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Thanks for the feedback, i’ll try to look into that.