Banna | 3D Artist/Graphic Designer

Hey! I’m Banna, and I’ve been doing GFX work alongside art for over 5 years now!
You may also know me as @Bunnexh.


All editing is pretty much done on my iPad Pro 11" in the Procreate app which is why you will see most of my work include hand-painted elements.

I like what I do, which is why I’ve kept going for so many years. Learning new things and methods to make my pieces even better and get even more satisfied clients!

Been through a lot of different styles and genres through time so I can make sure you get the perfect fitting GFX for your game or group no matter what requirements there may be.


Examples of work that i’ve done throughout the years!



Payment through group funds is preferred but I don’t mind either, up to you!
If you want to pay with USD then fair prices can be discussed as well.

Commission Sheet

‎When messaging me it would be nice if you could include as many details of what exactly you need, with perhaps a game or group link and I will get back to you ASAP!

Usually, I’ll be available all days of the week so if I don’t respond within a day feel free to just spam me.

:arrow_down: WAYS TO CONTACT ME BELOW :arrow_down:




This is really amazing, I have never seen GFX as good looking as this, I must say my friend, you’re truly underrated, now whenever I need GFX for any upcoming game I sure know who to contact, let’s just hope you’re still accepting commissions!


Amazing job you are so talented , keep it up.


These are absolutely amazing, I’d definitely recommend this guy if you’re looking for some quality GFX for an affordable price!