Banned for uploading silenced sniper sound effect

I uploaded a silenced sniper sound effect for my new game that i was developing, and then i ended up getting banned for 7 days…
7 days it’s unfair or a simple sound, i would like to have some explanations about it thanks.



That does seem unfair when the library is full of these types of sounds as well:

You should try to appeal at least.

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i did. but i preffer making sounds for my self…

I never said you shouldn’t I’m saying your ban is unjust when countless others exist which are similar.

ugh then i don’t know what. anyways can a roblox staff read this somehow?

No, the staff won’t help by going over here by themselves, you have to contact Roblox’s support at once:


Yeah i did, how much time it takes to get a reply?

Anywhere between just a few Hours and 1 Week in my experience.

Depends, but not more than a week at least. If it’s not business hours, they are usually not active at that time.

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