Banned from roblox for a day for making a character morph?

I’ve looked online and I can see others have made a Astro boy morph on roblox and had no problem, so why was I banned for it, and watch this post get taken down to! The moderation team are dreadful! Don’t even respond

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I suggest you contact Support and wait, as that can happen wrongly. It can also be because the action was taken by a bot and not by an actual human. (If that is the case).



Thank you, I did contact them but I doubt they will reply within the ban it’s only a 1 day!

No worries!
Additional info:
Well, I agree that it is a 1-day ban, but if this type of action gets mistakenly taken on your account the consequences could be doubled (or for example, a 1-day ban could be a 3-day ban), but my idea could be wrong.

This character is borderline naked, I don’t recommend continuing with this. It’s not possible for moderation to tell your intent, especially between character genders.

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