Banned groups are recommended to new users

I believe this is a bug. As always, let me know if I’m wrong.

I’ll be quick about it. Banned groups are showing up on this page. This page is shown to new users, as well as to those without groups, when they click the group tab.

Example (GIF of problem in action):

Although I can’t say for sure how often this page is used, I know for a fact that users looking to join a group off the bat looking at this page should not be shown banned groups.

that’s all


I think that entire page has issues…

this group is a botted group that was created for the sole purpose of appearing high on the list if you search ‘military’, and has a history of being sold on V3RM

oh, another botted group with the same story of being botted and sold on V3RM

this group is different, it’s member count displays 1m+ despite the ranks only adding up to ~40k

and there’s another handful that I have trouble believing they are legitimate…

I can pinpoint 6 deleted groups on that page, I feel as if they could do this manually and select legitimate, and active groups… as a group owner, it’s painful seeing these get promoted.