Banned on Roblox For 7 Days cause i Uploaded a shirt

Hello everyone. I got banned for making a fan shirt for my youtube. In the past i made 4 shirts and uploaded them all. They all got deleted and i got a ban for 1 day. They said the reason i was banned was that i directed people off their website. Tottally wrong. I did nothing againts TOS. Once i got unbanned i made another, simmiliar to a youtuber name IMNET.

This is my shirt

this is his


The reason is you have a youtube icon on your shirt. I’ve recently got a ban for saying my socials on bio page.


Why isnt his shirt banned yet then? He’s got a youtube logo on the shirt too.

There is two options, either he uploaded the shirt before the moderation system was programmed to ban youtube logos, or it just didn’t see it. It might get banned after someone reports it.

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