Banners are suddenly in Chinese on English site

I’ve asked others if they can reproduce it, and some say they can while others say they can’t.



AnimationTrack is in Chinese for me, but GetDebugId is in English.image

I am experiencing this as well when I switch my language to Chinese, then switch it back. The rest of the site seems to load fine except for some of the banners exactly as in your screenshot.

Edit: This is now occuring on every page with a yellow, grey, and blue banner in the API.

I can confirm this is happening. The AnimationTrack is in English but GetDebugId and also DebuggerManager are in Chinese.

This is also affecting Learn Roblox pages. Presumably it’s affecting any localized text.
This page for example:

Thanks for the bug report!! Would some of you be able to provide a little more context that will help me diagnose the issue? I’m wondering two things:

  1. Have you all accepted the cookie consent (banner at the top of the page)?
  2. In english (en-us) your browser’s preferred language (
  3. What happens if you do a hard refresh (
  1. Yes.
  2. Yes.
  3. The issue seems to have fixed itself without me doing a hard refresh.
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This was occurring for me just now, I removed all cookies for the site and it fixed itself. The page I was affected by was

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GuiObject (but nothing else) has banners in Chinese for me.

It comes and goes depending on when you reload. It’ll go to English, then back to Chinese and back to English and back to Chinese and so on.

I have been getting this issue too. In inspect element inside head there is <link rel="alternate" hreflang="zh-cn" href="">
Could this be causing this?

I’ve tried clearing the cookies but I am still having this issue.