Barber Shop Pole - Help!

Hello, I am trying to create the texture of a barber shop pole, however it is not giving me the effect which I was hoping for.

This was my goal, however I am having a hard time making the striping warp around, and upwards like in the reference picture.

Here is my attempt,

I tried to take the height of the brick 2 studs, and the length, .8 studs, and use that as a basis in I made a canvas 200 studs height by 80 studs length. Here is my texture, obviously it needs some adjusting, any advice would be great, thanks!


You may have to make 4 decals that match up left to right for something like this. If you look at your reference photo you can see that the “pattern” won’t just repeat itself every 1/4 of a rotation.


I am for certain your using a decal, but if you aren’t, then remove the cylinder from the mesh if you want the designs. In this case it’s just the cylinder so try to use textures and change the stud value to fit so that it wouldn’t look peculiar.

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This is what I figure, however I am not sure how to create this image. I tried taking the total length of all four sides by the height, and then inserting my base texture into that and splitting it into 4 equal parts, but that did not work either.

Because your original texture has the red stripe matching up with the blue stripe on the left to right edges.
The bottom red stripe (right side) has to match up to a red stripe on the left side, then divide it into 4.