[Barden Libraries] A lot of open-source libraries for Roblox community!


In the past, we have published our first game 🎉 Colorpunk - Roblox Unfortunately, we’ve decided to not continue developing any games in Roblox at that moment.

I was the Lead and only developer on the team and I’ve made some libraries for our game and future games. Since we are no longer an active team, I’d like to share the library with the community. This library was my first Roblox project(it is my first coding in Roblox too). Feel free to use it as you want!

Roblox Library: https://github.com/Obyvante/barden-roblox-library
Java Library: https://github.com/Obyvante/barden-java-library
Java Library(Backend): https://github.com/Obyvante/colorpunk-backend
Roblox Project: https://github.com/Obyvante/colorpunk

NOTE: Do not be afraid of a lot of source files and codes. I have written a lot of documentation and comments for developers.