Bare-bones testing app for easier development

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard to test my game with the Roblox app in phone, cause my phone has a low capacity of memory, and Roblox is a lot for the phone, so i thought about a special app like “Unity3D”, which is a bare-bones player designed exclusively for testing games and nothing else.

You can connect your PC to your Phone and when the app starts the PC will get a request to send the game to test in your phone. If you press Play Test, the phone will say: “Loading game” and it will run to test your games in a real phone. On your computer you can edit the game and all that, but when you press play, the window where it is supposedly played will not be displayed, instead, on your phone it will start loading the place and you can play the game and try it on mobile.

If Roblox is able to address this issue, it would improve my development experience because it would be faster to try a phone game than publish it and play the game, and my phone has a very low capacity of memory. Since the app is made to test the game, nothing more, it should be smaller, which gives me free storage capacity to install other stuff.

Sorry by my grammar, but i would like that Roblox add this feature, thanks.


I believe you mean “storage capacity” instead of “memory”. Memory and storage capacity are two different things. Having a test app would not add any less significant memory usage on your phone, since the game would use the same amount of memory regardless of if you were using the ‘test’ app or regular app.
With that said, I’m all for this! A lot of mobile devices have a small amount of storage space, so anything that conserves space is an improvement.

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Sorry by late response, i thought i responded you, here is the reply:

Yeah i noticed that, sorry

Maybe not, since the app is only made for testing a game. Why leave the friend request system in there when the app is only to test games?

Also, i think it should be more faster connecting your phone than connecting to roblox and find your game.

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The difference in navigation times would be negligible, imo. When I go to test my game on mobile, I’m able to navigate to my game in ~8 seconds. If I know I’m going to be testing again, I just stay on that page in the app.

Other developers have a lower device, like me, and load another page for me takes about 5 seconds each. Get the game data and loading it takes 8-20 seconds. And i think like Roblox Studio and Roblox App, this bare-bones app will be optimized, since a R-Studio baseplate is running in 60fps, if i play the baseplate place in roblox, will run in 30fps.