Bar/Restaurant Showcase

Hey DevForum,

Been working on this bar for the last month now. This was inspired by Salieri’s Bar from Mafia: Definitive Edition.

Let me know what you think!


Great job man! Excellent construction, lighting everything! 10/10 Keep going.


This is a really nice build! You are now someone I look up to!

The only issue I have is the rug here:

I would suggest changing the texture to concrete or fabric, as it adds a lot more texture. :slight_smile:


The best I’ve seen in recent memory. 10/10

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I like it a lot! It’s well detailed, everything fits the theme, and is smooth with few glitches! I don’t say this often to many developers, but well done!

Actually there’s one detail I noticed you can improve, the door doesn’t appear to have any handles.

Danggg, this is very well made!!! The lighting is super well done, and the details are spot on! One suggestion I have is to use some different textures for the roof and flooring. These can be found by searching “Texture Pack” in the toolbox and then copy and pasting the image wherever you want! They spice up most builds, and will make yours even more realistic!!

This is nice, very vibey. You should make this into a vibe game. I would stay in the game all day. I love the models and detail. They suit well with the theme and with lighting effect it makes it feel like it is set in the 90’s.

The lighting is really really good! The build overall is just wow. I might’ve thought that was real life if I wasn’t on my computer. I like the textures and the small details that I possibly could never realize, and the theme is outstanding. Good job!

Wow, this building is really good, the lighting and everything! :smile:

Wow, this is the most realistic build I’ve probably ever seen. This is very nice!!!

(10/15/2021) Polished up the bar and updated with new photos.

nice lighting, everything is nice. the carpet need to be like fabric and maybe windows look out to something? and the doors having handles?