Base Building Tower Defense Game Preview

The goal of the game is similar to any other tower defense game, however the path that the enemy takes is entirely dependent on how you decide to construct your base.

The game is obviously not finished however I’ve made a lot of progress lately and thought I’d share.
Let me know what you think so far!


Love the path changing ability, takes the tower defense idea and adds a little twist! The models do look big, do you think that’ll eventually cause problems for map sizing/lag as rounds get harder?


Thanks! The AI’s lagging the server was a major problem to overcome, but I eventually solved it. There are no actual objects on the server. Everything is calculated server side and then sent to the client at the start of the round. This essentially plays a “simulation” of the round. As for client sided lag, in the settings menu there are options to stop receiving data for other player bases(essentially turning them off), but I could add additional options for reduced animations on your own base if that becomes an issue. I’ve actually had all bases each run a stage at the same time with 300+ AI’s with no major issues.

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Just a small change makes such a big difference to the game in a good way!

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Looking good. Just one thing, can’t a player just fence off the whole place and prevent the enemies from coming through?

(also great background music)

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I like that you can place traps and you have a variety of towers. I think is looking great overall so far.

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There is a limit of 4 objects per row that can block the path(this would be introduced in the tutorial), currently most objects block the path however I believe in this video I showed how the spikes allow enemies to pass through them. Otherwise yes I agree that wouldn’t work very well.

Also, thank you!

Here’s a video showcasing how a player could upgrade their base to add more spaces to build:

Had a few questions on this so I thought I’d share.

Looks great man! It has a lot of potential. Do you plan on polishing up the environments, towers and enemies?

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Thanks, yeah I’m definitely going to work on the models a bit. Unfortunately building is by far my weakest link so I may be looking for builders in the future.

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