Base Humanoid Mesh

My project will use S15 avatars that are Mid-high poly meshes. I have a human mesh that serves as a base/common model for characters.
The body itself is at the 10k triangle limit with no clothes. I know I could upload the body and clothing meshes separately, but that’s where the issue lies: an unclothed humanoid mesh… which would get rejected by moderation.

I’ve tried separating the body-parts into different objects, but when posing/animating, there are gaps between the parts which I want to avoid.

Is there any other way I’d be able to get around this?
If you’re gonna ask: yes, Blender.

Hi, I’m also trying to use S15 characters. If you use a S15 character, your character is technically divided into 15 differents objects. The gaps between parts are filled due to the character’s “skinned” aspect (thanks to the bones previously placed on Blender). From what i understood, you try to use a S1 character (with just one mesh). If that is the case, it’s normal for the separated parts to join badly. I hope you will see it more clearly :wink: