Base Intellisense Suggestions on Use Frequency

As a Roblox developer, it is currently too hard inconvenient to utilize Intellisense in the correct manner.


As you can see here, if I were to access the FindFirstChild method through intellisense, I would have to press the down arrow 3 times and hit Enter. It would be much more efficient if I only had to hit Enter.

I have never used FindFirstAncestor or the two below that, but I have used FindFirstChild more times than I can possibly count. I think that the Intellisense suggestions should be based on the frequency of use, not alphabetical order.

More specifically, I think it should be three settings in Studio: A dropdown to switch between Alphabetical/Usage, and two number values to control how much weight each usage has and how long the weight lasts for.

That way, if I use FindFirstChild a thousand times but then discover that I’m making a project where I need to use FindFirstAncestor a hundred times, I’m definitely going to want to decrease the time value of the weight in order to move FindFirstAncestor up more quickly.

If this were to be introduced, I would be able to create long lines of functions much more quickly and easily.

Long live FindFirstChild.