Base wars! Game Rules

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Base wars! Game Rules

About Rule Enforcing

No purchases/progress are considered when someone is breaking these rules.
The rules will be updated when we see something inappropriate not already covered by the rules. The rules are not retroactive.

**Punishment Level: **
Warning ► 3 Days ► 7 Days ► 10 Years

You are responsible for what happens on your account. Punishment applies to the account involved.
Different offenses don’t stack up the punishment. The punishments only stack up for repeated offenses from the same rule being broken again and again.

If you have been permanently banned, or terminated by Roblox permanently and are on Global Leaderboard your kills will be removed, allowing fair players to obtain their correct role. If you are ever unbanned your kills will be restored.

Please follow ROBLOX rules as well. We will use the Report Abuse feature if your behavior is also against ROBLOX rules.

Moderator’ here means Base Wars Player Moderator, not Roblox Staff.
Staff’ here means D8Dev’s Studio Staff, not Roblox Staff.
Ban’ here means declined access to Base wars! and all D8Dev’s Games.

General Rules

Last Update: 2020/08/19

1. Exploiting, Cheating or/and promote such actions

  • Punishment:
    • Threatening to exploit: 3 days ban
    • Sharing Exploits: 7 Days ban
    • Exploiting/Cheating: 10 Years Ban, Also applies to all accounts that we know you own.
  • We have an exploit detection system, and exploiting is also against ROBLOX ToS.
  • Including but not limited to Exploiting, Asking/hiring people to exploit or threatening to exploit, Auto Clicker for rapid firing weapons, Using Third Party Program to gain unfair advantage.
  • Remapping Keys is fine as long as it is one output per key press.
  • Exploit Tests are not a valid excuse to appeal.
  • If there are 2 or more accounts with similar names and any of them are exploiting, and we believe that they are their alt or partner, we will ban all of these.
  • EXPLOITERS CAN’T APPEAL if it is valid ban

2. Intended Glitch Abusing

  • Demonstrating the glitch to Staff with their permission isn’t against the rules.
  • If you break this rule, you will first receive a Warning, and then a Temp Ban if you continue to do it.
  • Players banned for this will be unbanned after the glitch is fixed, unless:
    • You discovered an unknown glitch and are not reporting it; AND/OR
    • It affects saved gameplay statistics (Kills, Death, KDR, etc.) and you keep intentionally using the glitch.
  • Punishment:
    • Major Glitch Abuse: 3 Day Ban or up
    • Minor Glitch Abuse: Warning

(You don’t keep what you have gained from this.)

3. Bad use of chats

  • Punishment:
    • Normal Case: Warning or up
    • Extreme Cases: 3 Days Ban or up
    • Including but not limited to Chat Flooding, SPAM, Bad words, Swearing, Harassment in language, Racism, Being toxic toward other players.
  • Spawn camping isn’t against the rules.
  • Please use the block feature first, or/and report to ROBLOX with valid reasons
  • Punishment applies only if it is extreme cases that including but not limited to multi-offense, affecting multi players, Chat Flooding
  • Rule 9 applies instead if it is using alt for this.
  • Asking/Encouraging/Tricking/Getting others to break rules
    • Warning, 3 Days, 7 Days, Permanent ( 10 Years)
      (If the person already knows, without a doubt what they are asking is wrong, such as having a history with the specific rule breaking, then this would count as an escalation on the punishment last received. If the person who is manipulated into breaking the rules, ends up breaking the rule, the punishment applies to the person who manipulated them to do so as well.)

4. Staff / Moderator Imposer

  • Punishment: Warning or up

5. Staff Interrupting
(Staff means D8Dev’s Studio Staff and Moderators)

  • **Punishment: **
    • Individual Case: Warning or up
    • Team-up case (Leader): 10 Years Ban
    • Team-up case (Rest of others): 7 Days Ban
  • Including but not limited to affect, harass, interrupt or/and use toxic attributes toward staff when they are performing their duties. (Use this rule instead of rule 3 if this is applicable)

6.False Reporting
Reporting someone when:

  • You don’t have proof but you are sure they break the rules:
    • We will investigate it. No punishment even if it is false.
  • You thought they break the rules, but they are actually not:
    • We will just remind you. No punishment.
  • You obviously know they are not breaking the rules:
    • 3 Day Ban
  • Forged proof:
    • 10 Years Ban

7.False claim/Being Dishonest in stats restore

  • Punishment: 10 Years ban

8.Boosting/ Stat Padding

  • Punishment:
    • 1 day ban per 10 kills, any boosted kills will be removed
    • If kills are over 100, in addition to the ban, full stat reset
    • If kills are over 250, 10 Years Ban and full stat reset
    • If second occurrence, 10 Years Ban and stat reset

9. Rule Breaking with Alts / Ban escaping / Bad use of Alts

  • Punishment:
    • The Account: 10 Years Ban
    • The Main: Warning to 10 Years ban (if the rule which they are breaking is severe enough)
  • Alt Accounts that aren’t for playing the game as the game intended, including but not limited to intended to SPAM the in-game-log, Offensive Username towards person/people or/and groups.
  • We will see this as ‘Bad use of Alts’ and these accounts will receive a 10 Years ban as well.

10. Receiving unfair advantage from staff members

  • Punishment:
    • Asking non-stop: Warning or Up
    • Already happened (Staff Member): 10 Years Ban and Demote
    • Already happened (Player): 10 Years Ban to all accounts
  • We will reject that for sure. Don’t repeatedly ask for them.
  • We will kindly remind you that it is against the game rules.
  • Including but not limited to bribe a Staff Member, Asking for free VIPs, Paying staff to receive stat boost or/and in-game items, Non-official Purchase

11. Bad attribute during Ban appeal

  • Punishment:
    • If it is not permanent banned: Raise your punishment level to higher one
    • The ban will never be able to appeal. even if there are appeal rules change.
    • Already Permanent Banned in-game: Ban from ‘Chat Server that start with D’
  • You can only appeal your ban via ‘Chat Server that starts with D’.
  • The Server Link is under Game Description (Social Media)
  • Including but not limited to ‘I don’t care’, ‘whatever’ attribute, personal attack.
  • You don’t care about your ban, then we don’t care about your stay and play.

12. Multi Permanent banned

  • A user that has been permanently/10 Years banned multiple times isn’t allowed to appeal, and all further rule breaks will go straight to a permanent ban. Said users that have caused an immense altering or complete change of a rule/rules due to an incident will be permanently removed from the game without appeal.

13. Ban Appeal Expiration

  • In every single case, after your FIRST try of ban appeal got rejected, You can only appeal your ban again in 14 days.
  • Otherwise you can no longer appeal the ban.
  • It is to prevent people who failed to appeal their valid ban, try again in a few days/months/years and repeat the cycle.
  • It is a waste of our time to dig through all of the proofs and related records from the past.