BasePart.Gravity: Adjust the force of gravity on specific parts

I suggest a property that would allow developers to change the gravity of individual parts, this may require 2 properties, [Bool] BasePart.IndividualGravity and [Number/float] BasePart.Gravity

BasePart.IndividualGravity would be used for if people want their part to use the workspace’s gravity and would be disabled by default.

BasePart.Gravity would be the force on the specific part

I would imagine that changing the gravity and specific gravity of the primary part in a model/group would effect the entire model/group

The reason I believe this should be in the engine is because for a while now, to change the gravity of specific parts, we’ve had to use BodyMovers and BodyForces, and having to do that on a large scale, for something like a space exploration game, where the gravity inside of a ship is normal, but the gravity outside is not, is a hassle. Instead of this, we could just set the workspace gravity to 0, and then set everything inside of the ship to 196.2. I am thinking of making a space exploration game like this, but the current way of changing individual part gravity is not going to work, as putting a BodyForce or BodyMover with a force equivalent to the gravity going down on the player does not work the same way that gravity would.


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