BaseParts are not visible but Adornee instances are after using RequestStreamAroundAsync() on OSX

After teleporting a character and using Player:RequestStreamAroundAsync() to preload the teleport area, the BaseParts in this area are not visible. BillboardGUI’s that use these BaseParts as Adornees are visible, and are updated as they move around. This is only happening on OSX on a M1 Macbook Pro.

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Are you able to create a simple repro place that demonstrates this problem?

I should mention that RequestStreamAroundAsync is not a guarantee that parts in that area will be streamed in, it is more of a hint/request.

Also, are you sure the parts are not present the client? Is it possible they are present but not being rendered?

That might not be something I can get to you until Monday, but I’ll see if I can work with @Garnold on that.

The parts are not rendering but the instance data for their CFrames appears to exist because the Billboard GUI’s are being displayed. I was wrong in my original post; their positions do not appear to be updating. The billboards will only overlap for a few frames after teleport.