Basic admin essential’s 2.0 How do i get the cmd bar?

Hello, I want to figure out why the basic admin essentials is not giving me a cmd bar the issue is that the commands do not have a cmd bar is there a fix for this did a forget to enable it or what? because I know Bloxton hotels uses the same thing and they get a command bar.


Have you pushed the ’ button? That’s what you push to open it!


Yes, i’m talking about the command bar that does not show in the chat to other players

Yes, that’s how you view it to type a command. You push this key ’ to view it.

command ` is this how you type it?

I don’t understand what you mean by that.

it’s ,not working i don’t know what I’m doing wrong theres no cmd bar

There is no command called cmdbar. Are you trying to use the cmdbar to use commands so it doesn’t show up in chat?

Yes i am thats what I am trying to use

Just press this key: ’

And you can use the cmd bar.

that don’t work it only open my inventory

You’re pushing the wrong key. Push the key to the left of the enter button.

It works but its not brining up the commands unless i type them into chat

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